Urogenital Manipulation for Pelvic Disorders (UMPD)

3-day course with Olivier Bazin


Friday 22. August till Sunday 24. August 2025
9am - 5pm (3pm on the last day)


Osteopathic approach for male frequent disorders

- Brief anatomy review for male urogenital system
- Clinics and symptoms of prostate congestion
- Test of prostate and its environment
- Indications and contraindications of osteopathic treatment
- External treatment of prostate and its environment
- Internal approach of prostate treatment

Osteopathic approach for female frequent disorders

- Ligaments release
- Treatment of Uterine fixation

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
- Restoration of uterine mobility
- Fight against congestion
- Fight against mastodynia

- Clinical aspects
- Treatment of the environment (pelvic floor, obturator membrane, uterus)
- Internal techniques: urethra, bladder trigone, bladder body

Pelvic neuralgia related to the urogenital sphere
- Neural manipulation principles
- Sciatic neuralgia
- Pudendal neuralgia
- Obturator neuralgia
- Cluneal neuralgia

Persistent non-mechanical coccydynia
- Filum terminale
- Coccygeal plexus

- Superficial
- Deep

Fertility disorders
- Global approach (Manipulations of the environment: liver, small intestine, cecum/sigmoid, pelvic girdle, vascular manipulation of the left kidney)
- Local approach (Manipulations of fallopian tubes, ovaries and tubo- ovarian junction, uterine cervical ostium, lombo-ovarian pedicle)

- Clinical aspects
- Symptms
- Localisations
- Consequences/evolution
- Treatments
- What is important for osteopaths
- Osteopathic approach

Pregnancy symptoms and pain
- Adaptation of the abdominopelvic viscera to pregnancy
- The gravid uterus modification and manipulation
- Vascular manipulation of the uterus
- Treatment and advice for the aftermath of childbirth

The course is taught in English.


If Non-DO therapist: Visceral Manipulation: The Pelvis (VM3) plus license to do internal work
If Osteopath: Must have license to do internal work and regular practice of urogenital manipulations

Recommended Advance Reading:


Visceral Manipulations for Female Pelvic Disorders by Olivier Bazin, Marc Naudin and Jean-Pierre Barral




Olivier Bazin, DO, BI-D, MRO(F)

TA: Kåre Nielsen, Osteopath, DO


Copenhagen - TBD


6,500.- DKK, inclusive coffee/tea and snacks.


Deposit 1000,- DKK to reserve your place. Full payment is due 2 months before the course, i.e. 22nd of June 2025 at the latest.

Please read our terms and conditions here.

Please email your questions to Anita at admin@osteopater.dk

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