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Online Streaming Video Programs offered by Barral Institute US

Barral Institute Interconnected Symposium

This 2-segment virtual conference is an exceptional opportunity to explore practical applications of interconnectedness of the body and its systems – right from the comfort of your own personal space.
The information presented will be immediately applicable in your practice.

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Neuromeningeal Explorations and Applications in Manual Therapy

These recorded programs will explore and deepen the NM information for potential NM students, and experienced NM students alike.

NME0: Neuromeningeal Explorations of Trauma in Manual Therapy

OLV-NME0 -3 hours (2 parts)
Prerequisite: none 

NME1: Neuromeningeal Explorations and Clinical Applications of NM1

OLV-NME1 – 4.5 hours (includes the 3 hours of NME0)
Prerequisite: NM1 attendance

NME2: Neuromeningeal Explorations and Clinical Applications of NM2 and NM3

OLV-NME2 – 6 hours (includes the 4.5 hours of NME1)
Prerequisite: NM2 attendance