Visceral Manipulation Certification Diplomate Level

Certification Highlights:
•  Ensures a deep understanding of anatomy, physiology and Visceral Manipulation Therapy techniques.
•  Helps preserve the right of qualified healthcare professionals to practice Visceral Manipulation
•  Demonstrates your commitment to excellence and enhances your networking and referral status.
•  Paves the way to future healthcare legislation, licensing and insurance reimbursements.
•  Diplomate Certification: Allows you to use the professional designation “CVMP” in your title.

1. Successfully complete the following seminars:
•  Visceral Manipulation: Manual Thermal Evaluation and Introduction to VisceroEmotional (VM5)
•  Visceral Manipulation: VisceroEmotional Relationships (VM6)

2. Successfully complete at-home objective exam for each class level.

3. Submit ten (10) case write-ups following the required format.

4. Successfully complete a practical/oral/written exam with a Certified BI Examiner that tests your ability to understand and apply VM techniques from class levels VM5-VM6.

Notes: Visceral Manipulation Practitioner Certification includes Techniques Level. Techniques Certification must be successfully completed before sitting for the practical/oral exam of the Visceral Manipulation Practitioner Level, or a person may take the Techniques and Visceral Manipulation Practitioner Level practical/oral/written exams at the same time.

Visceral Manipulation Certification through the Barral Institute certifies a person’s abilities in Visceral Manipulation (VM). Since certification does not provide a legal right to practice, a person must have the appropriate credential and/or license to practice manual therapy in their area.