Visceral, Neural and Articular Advanced Clinical Synthesis (VNAC)

VNAC, developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, is designed to help Visceral, Neural and Manual Articular trained practitioners sharpen their skills by integrating these evaluation and treatment techniques in the clinical setting.

Course Highlights:

  • Maximize the results for patients by integrating information from previous VM, NM and MAA seminars.
  • Learn to effectively blend the various modalities for the most complete evaluation and treatment.
  • Understand how Jean-Pierre Barral works with patients in his clinic utilizing all the evaluation and treatment techniques.
  • Learn how Jean-Pierre determines where to begin treatment keeping in mind that the cause is often far removed from the location of the patient’s pain.
  • Gain insights into using time and energy most efficiently during patient sessions.
  • Understand how to connect tensions found in the body with the emotional centers and incorporate precise emotional release.
  • Through the clinical synthesis of the techniques discover what to do for specific symptoms such as headaches, low back pain, liver problems, and knee pain.

Course Length: 3 Days, 18 Hours course time

Pre-requisite: VM3 OR VM4; and NM2 OR NM3; and MALE OR MAUE OR MASP

Advance Preparation: To prepare for the course we suggest that you review your class notes and study guides from the pre-requisite classes.