Strategic Crossroads of the Body 1 (SCB1)

Synopsis:  Pleura, fascia and peritoneum are considered as mechanical and immunologic protective envelopes to their contents. They permit harmonious gliding of all the structures they surround. Their fibres have very precise and logical directions, according to their different mechanical roles .Pleura, fascias and peritoneum, in addition to their mechanical roles also permit electromagnetic wave transmission.

Course Highlights:

During this course we will see the most important fascial and peritoneal crossroads where nerves, arteries, veins and lymph canals have the risk to be compressed in case of retraction, fibrosity due to surgery, accidents, hormonal imbalance and systemic diseases.  This seminar will permit you to locate the most important crossroads and to find the way to release their tensions with precise and specific techniques.

Diagnosis of crossroad compression includes checking arterial pulses, evaluating for nerve compression and finding fibrosed tissues.  After treatment we can reevaluate arterial pulses to have an objective measure of the effect of the treatment.  Treatment of the strategic crossroads of the body includes considering its impact on the entire body.

Includes the following “crossroads”:

  • cranial/ cervical
  • cervicothoracic
  • axillary
  • intrathoracic
  • diaphragmatic
  • abdominal
  • abdominopelvic
  •  inguinal
  • intrapelvic
  • popliteal

Course Length: 3 Days, 18 hours course time

Prerequisite: VM2 and one of MALE, MAUE, MASP, NM2 or NM3.