Introduction to BICADD

Description of the presentation:

Mark Bloemberg is coming to Copenhagen on Sep. 23 – 25, 2020 with the course BICADD (Clinical Applications for Disc Disorders; Soft Tissue Applications supporting Spine and Disc Health).

During this 1,5 hour presentation Mark will go through the main points of the BICADD course and what you will be adding to your toolbox by attending the course.
Pre-req: VM2 or Osteopath

PresenterMark Bloemberg, PT, BI-D

Date: Wednesday May 27, 2020

Time: 19:00 – 20:30 / 7PM – 8:30PM (Danish time / GMT+2)

Format: Presentation. If time permits, Mark will answer a few questions.

Language: English

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Course description of BICADD:

With 40 years of experience working in Visceral Manipulation Jean-Pierre Barral has refined and created new techniques in relation to the Intervertebral Disc Pain Conditions.
In this course disc constitution, surroundings and how it can be affected by other structures will be highlighted.
Through advanced Listening and specific disc evaluation you will learn ways to evaluate and improve the function and health of the disc in the entire spine.
This includes viscoelasticity of the disc itself, ligamentous apparatus, joint, visceral and vascular relationships.

This course, which is only taught by Mark Bloemberg and Jean-Pierre Barral, is a must have course for any skilled and ambitious practitioner of manual therapy.