Tommy Hedelund

  • Authorized Physiotherapist in year 2000 from the Physiotherapist School in Copenhagen (Københavns Fysioterapi Skole)
  • Diploma of Osteopathy in year 2013 from the International Academy of Osteopathy, Belgium.
  • Diploma (CVTP) in year 2015 from The Barral Institute
  • Owner of the osteopathic clinic in Århus: Klinik for manuel behandling ApS
  • Write articles and speak on osteopathic subjects
  • LecturesMidwifes, Doctors and Physiotherapists on various hospitals in Jutland, Denmark
  • Teaching Assistant at The Barral Institute and Upledger Institute
  • Member of the Danish association of Osteopaths; Danske Osteopater, M.R.O.DK