Mark Bloemberg

  • 2020 – Osteopath
  • 1988 – graduated from the SAFA in Amsterdam, Holland as physiotherapist
  • 1993 – graduated from the Dutch education of Manual Therapy. Also with International Diploma
  • 1994 – started my own clinic for Manual Visceral Therapy in Zwanenburg, Holland
  • 1995 – started to follow the courses from the Barral Institute

Since 2000:

    • Teacher with the Barral Institute – teaching worldwide and at almost all levels
    • Co-author on several work books for the Barral Institute
    • Created the Visceral Paediatric course for the Barral Institute
    • Certified Barral Institute Examiner , i.e. exam colleagues to become a Certified Visceral Techniques Practitioner
    • Organiser of courses for the Barral Institute