Neural Manipulation: Neuromeningeal Manipulation (NM1)

3-day course with Alex Fugallo


Saturday 23. October till Monday 25. October 2021
9AM - 5PM (3PM on the last day)

Short video with introduction to NM1


This is a specialized course focusing on the impact of whiplash.


  • Study the three primary areas of trauma as they relate to whiplash: physical laws, evaluation and treatment.
  • Learn the appropriate anatomy and physiology for treatment of whiplash and trauma conditions.
  • Learn to locate and release restrictions along the meningeal system.
  • Assess injuries to the soft tissues of the cervical region and learn treatment protocols for optimal release.
  • Learn tests to determine restriction patterns of the cervicobrachial region.
  • Understand how whiplash creates restriction patterns throughout the body.
  • Identify techniques that encompass the whole body, as the whole body receives collision forces in a whiplash injury, not just the cervical spine.
  • Learn to evaluate restrictions in the lumbosacral region.
  • Discover new applications of visceral manipulation principles and techniques as they can be utilized for patients presenting whiplash and other conditions involving trauma.
  • Compare treatment sequence and tests for whiplash and traumatic injuries.

Article about Neural Manipulation by Judy Russell, RPT

The course is taught in English.


General prerequisite
Experience with manual listening skills.

Required advanced reading:

Trauma: An Osteopathic Approach by Jean-Pierre Barral, RPT, DO.
(can be bought as eBook at Barral Institute US: eBook-Trauma: An Osteopathic Approach)


Alex Fugallo, Osteopath


Center for Indre Respons, Købmagergade 55, 3. Floor, 1150 Copenhagen K - just by the Round Tower


5,000.- DKK, inclusive coffee/tea.

Repeater Rate:

3,333.- DKK, inclusive coffee/tea.
If you have already attended this course with Barral Institute og would like to repeat it, then you are able to participate at this special rate. The course must be paid in full, when you book your place, so choose the option "Repeater Rate", when you book and send an 
email and let us know, when and where you attended the course.


Deposit 1000,- DKK to reserve your place. Full payment is due 2 months before the course, i.e. 23rd August 2021 at the latest.

Please read our terms and conditions here.

Further information:

Please email your questions to Charlotte at

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