Cervicothoracic junction, thoracic inlet to the facial cranium

Weekend Course with Daryl Herbert


Please note that the times have been changed to:

Friday the 3/3. at 15PM till 21PM
Saturday the 4/3 at 9AM till 18PM
Sunday the 5/3 at 9AM till 17PM


Daryl will review elements of biomechanics of the cervicothoracic junction and relations with thoracic inlet. He will work up through the cervical fascia, the jaw and facial cranium. We will explore some possible relationships between the thorax and these structures.

We will look at manual testing of dysfunction in the region with a variety of techniques addressing joints, muscles, fascia and cranium.

The short lever principle will be a base of the practise  to the joint. You will be shown how to minimize the primary lever by combining a multitude of secondary levers. There will be supervision in how techniques can be adjusted to different morphology and how they will work for you.

Daryl will give some thoughts to cold and infection in relation to upper thoracic, throat and sinuses and how this might be helped with osteopathy, from old ideas to new formation.

The course is in English.

Max. 20 participants - on a ”first come” basis.


Daryl Herbert, Osteopath, DO


Primarily osteopaths, osteopathis students, physioterapists.

It is an advantage with experience of manuel treatment of joints and the osteopathic approach.


Bispebjerg Hospital, Entrance 10, Bispebjerg bakke 23, 2400 Copenhagen NV


5000.- DKK, inclusive sandwich, coffee/the og elektronic course material.


Enrolment and payment here on this site.

Deposit 1000,- DKK to reserve your place. Full payment is due 2 months before the course, i.e. 3rd January 2017 at the latest.

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Further information: 

Please email your questions to Kåre Nielsen at kaare@osteopater.dk

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