Evening course about anatomy of the thorax and its content

Anatomy of the thorax and its viscera

Topography, suspensions and relations


Friday 5th of December 2015, 5-8 PM


Anatomy is shown by using existing dissected tissue preparations. Small groups will be formed with an opportunity to discuss and handle the preparations in order to get a better understanding of the 3D topography of the abdomen.

The course is taught in English.

Max. 20 participants – on “first come” basis


Finn Bojsen-Møller, MD, Ph.D.


Primarily for manual therapists with interest in visceral treatment.

This evening is organized in relation to the weekend course with Stephen Sandler on the thoracic viscera, but you can take them individually.


Panum Institutet, Det Sundhedsvidenskablige Fakultet, Blegdamsvej 3, 2200 København N


600,- Dkr.


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