Christoph Sommer

Heilpraktiker, Rolfer, BI-D

Christoph Sommer completed his basic manual education at the Rolf Institute of Structural Integration. He is Rolfing®- Instructor for the Rolf Institute, Boulder, CO and the European Rolfing® Association e.V. and since 1986 he has worked in private practice in Munich in the field of the manual treatment of the human structure.

Peter Schwind, developer of the “Fascia and membrane technique” and Advanced Rolfing® Instructor has been a teacher and mentor for over 25 years and has had ongoing influence in the evolution of Christoph’s work.

On his path of developing skills and expertise in the field, Christoph trained in Cranio –Sacral- Therapy at the Upledger Institute, with various Rolfing® instructors, he studied with Peter Levine ( Somatic Experiencing ), Ron Kurtz (founder of the Hakomi-Method of body-centered psychotherapy) and Hubert Godard, (Rolfing Movement Instructor and former dean of the University Paris IV) amongst other modalities.

He started his studies of Visceral Manipulation with Jean Pierre Barral (D.O.) in 1989 and has followed the evolution of Barral’s work through the last 30 years.
The general attitude of this work, respecting the organism, being specific with educated and the “listening” hands, as well as treating with minimal force have proven to be the most effective attitude in creating reliable and lasting results in daily practice.

Together with Jean-Pierre Barral and Peter Schwind, he is the Co–Founder of the “MUNICH GROUP for interdisciplinary manual treatment modalities” and is teaching all levels of Barral’s work including the original work of “Visceral and Neural Manipulation” with the Barral Institute, the Munich Group GbR as well as post-graduate classes in osteopathy schools in Europe.

Professional Associations / Memberships


Faculty of: 
The Rolf Institute of Structural Integration, Boulder, USA
The European Rolfing Association e.V., Germany
The Barral Institute, Florida, USA
Munich Group GbR, Germany