General prerequisite

The Barral Institute conducts workshops worldwide to educate and train healthcare practitioners in hands on manual therapies with a high level of knowledge in anatomy and biomechanics.
The Danish sponsor agency for the Barral Institute International is dedicated to inspire students of The Barral Institute in Denmark and abroad in order to continuously support your studies and thus deepen your understanding of the work of Jean-Pierre Barral and The Barral Institute International.
We wish to maintain a high level of competence in our courses as well as amongst our students. Therefore, certain general and specific prerequisites must be met if you wish to take courses at the Barral Institute Denmark.

The following qualifications are required in order to enter the entry-level courses (VM1 and/or NM1 and/or LT1) at the Barral Institute Denmark.
For all other courses, please refer to the description of the course for specific prerequisites.

General prerequisite:

  • A healthcare education on bachelor-level or above, e.g. physiotherapist, nurse, chiropractor, MD, etc.


  • Osteopath


  • Theoretical background:
    200 hours instruction in anatomy and physiology
    100 hours instruction in pathology
    This instruction can be taken as e-learning, but must be terminated with an exam in person
    Practical background:
    Certified and experienced manual healthcare practitioner

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