Case1 Female, 40, health worker, pain in one side of low back.

Case 2 Male, 46, graphic designer, pain in the calf and achilles tendinitis

Case 3 Female, 30, pain in the solar plexus

Female, 40, health visitor, pain in one side of the low back

Worse with gait, less with rest.

During the examination there is found blocked joint in the low back and restriction of the sacroiliac joint on the side of pain. Rather large general mobility is tested by hypermobility test. Especially seen in the large drop of the foot arch of the same side. The mid foot is blocked as well.

The treatment is mobilization of the mid foot. This lifts the foot arch and relieves the pelvis and low back. Stabilizing exercises are given. Mobilization of the sacroiliac joint and manipulation of the low back is done to enhance recovery of symptom giving structure. After 3 sessions the pain is gone, but the laxity persists and the tolerance for weight bearing is still low. Her daily work contains a lot of walking. She is recommended continuous exercises and supporting soles for the feet.

Male, 46, graphic designer, pain in the calf and achilles tendinitis

He is training for the next marathon. He is busy at work, but finds time to sustain his running plan. He developed tendinitis in his right Achilles tendon and has pain in the right calf. He fears for his possibility for completion of the coming marathon.

During the examination there is found thickening of the tendon and higher tone of the calf muscles. Also there was limit mobility of the lower lumbar spine and pelvis on the right side. The test for tension of the ischiadic nerve (for the back of the thigh and lower leg) revealed reaction of the symptoms and limited excursion.

Treatment was mobilisation af the pelvic ligaments, iliosacral joint and manipulation of the lower lumbar spine. This gave relief for the pressure in the calf. The inflammation needed a few days to wear off. To avoid further stress on the lumbar spine he was asked to avoid the slouch sitting. He was giving mobilization exercises for the lower back. After 3 sessions he was painfree and back in full training.

A month later he returned with when the symptoms reoccurred for reasons unknowned. But he reported of 2 full days of sitting during a recent course. A reminder of the regime and one treatment made him come back on track.

Female, 30, pain in the solar plexus

Professional musician, oboe. The pain started when she was practising 6-7 hours daily to prepare for exams at the academy of music. Upon graduation she had to stop practicing because of pain.

She has hernia diaphragmatica, Nexium (meds) through 3 months had no effect.

During the examination there was observed high and short respiration, very tight diaphragm, block joints in the thoracic spine and neck, restrictive rib motion (especially on the left) and a higher tone of the stomach

The treatment was mobilisation and stretch of the diapragm. Manipulation of 6th and 1th left thoracic facet joints and 3rd facet of the neck. Mobilisation of stomach and the ribs in relation to. Pull down of the esophagus to take the pressure of the hernia.

Home exercises was abdominal breathing and conditioning exercises.

After 5 treatments she could practise 3 hours daily without pain. But will in the future have to be attentive to stress situation and excessive training.