Anatomy Series – Visceral Manipulation

Barral-SET of 4 Anatomy Series – Visceral Manipulation
(Online Video-for your computer or digital device)

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$75 each or $250 for the entire series
Open for all Manual Therapists


Contains 4 videos:

  • ABDOMEN part 1
  • ABDOMEN part 2

Each video in this series will provide in depth discussion with a visceral perspective. The presentations are designed to enrich your knowledge and enhance your practice with a greater understanding of organ specific fascial and soft tissue connections and their connection to pain and dysfunction. The BI Faculty have studied for many years and are able to encapsulate many years of knowledge to bring it to you and your practice.The content will delve into:

  • anatomy of a specific organ and it’s relationship to its surrounding anatomy
  • pertinent dissection slides of unembalmed donor
  • using models of organs, the presenter will demonstrate each organ’s movement patterns
  • self palpation as it relates to clinical application

Price: $75 each or $250 for the entire series
Length: Approximately 10 hours

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This Online Video is sold directly from the website of Barral Institute US.

ABDOMEN 1 will address the basic concepts, liver, small intestine, large intestine and introduction to stomach. Approximately 2.5 hours.
Presenter: Rosie Greene, RMT, BI-D

ABDOMEN 2 will address the stomach, kidney, spleen and pancreas. Approximately 2.5 hours.
Presenter: Rita Benamor, DO, CST-D, BI-D

PELVIS will address the uterus/ovaries, bladder and prostate. Approximately 2.5 hours.
Presenter: Kåre Nielsen, PT, DO MRO.DK

THORAX will address the cervical fascia, lungs/bronchi and heart/pericardium. Approximately 2.5 hours.
Presenter: Kenneth Frey, PT, CST-D, BI-D

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These Online Video are sold directly from the website of Barral Institute US.